913 A* grades and a grade 9 bonanza in the new GCSEs

Gcse results 2017


Once again, Brighton is celebrating some of the best results in the country. In the 24 subjects with the traditional grading system, the grades were as follows:

A* 913
A 544
B 127
C 9
D 0
E 0

And despite the press reporting that the new grade 9 would be virtually unattainable, Brighton's first results with the new reformed English syllabus produced 82 grade 9s.

Eight children produced a perfect score of 99A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*A*.

Jack Chiu 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A^, A*, A*, A*, A*
Joelle Chow 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*
Heather Clark 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*
James Kent 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A^, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*
Paras Patel 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*
Jessica Pavey 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A* , A*, A*, A*
Luc Smith 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A*, A^, A*, A*, A*
Sophie Trevillion 9, 9, A*, A*, A*, A*, A^, A*, A*, A*, A*

And there were smiles aplenty on the face of one particularly impressive young lady: Jessica Olliver. Jessica Olliver is profoundly deaf to such a degree that Miss Hamblett had to visit her in her previous school to see if she could cope in the busy world of a mainstream secondary school. Miss Hamblett gave Jessica the green light and, from the moment she began, she would not allow her disability to stop her from doing anything. I still occasionally spot her lip-reading attentively in assembly as her peer group shuffles and dozes on their benches. Every lesson and every activity must have brought challenges that no other boy or girl has faced. Yet, today she has obtained 8 A* grades. I am in awe.

And twins Dan and Ben Pluck achieved an incredible 18A*s between them.

Among those pupils with at least eight A* grades were:

Sagar Agrawal
Christopher Albertyn
Olivia Austin
Archie Baldock
Natalia Baynham
Edwin Chen
Arthur Ching
Jack Chiu
Joelle Chow
Violet Clay
Heather Clark
Edward Critchley
Amelia Critchlow
Louis de Wardt
Anya Dobson
Daniel Dunlop
Sebastian Fieldhouse
Daria Ghezzi
Orlando Grant
Oscar Harvey
James Heap
Alice Heap
Christopher Hey
Elizabeth Hollamby
Ella Honey
Oliver Hutchings
Sophie Jain
Alice Jeffrey
James Kent
Bank Khamtonwong
Daniel Kimber
Gabriella Kingdon-Leach
Jessica Kingdon-Leach
Isabel Loubser
Owen Ma
Jake May
Voke Ogueh
Jessica Olliver
Isobelle Okonkwo
Peerawat Ongvasith
Paras Patel
Jessica Pavey
Max Pawlowicz
Ben Pluck
Daniel Pluck
Ryan Poon
Francesca Posner
Luke Sabin
Akshaya Selvaraju
Andrew Smailes
Luc Smith
Finn Snape
Samuel Stemp
Libby Sturgeon
Alvin Suen
Emma Sun
Tomer Tarragano
Louis Tarvin
Thomas Taylor
Sophie Trevillion
Elliot Turner
Wiggert Vermeer
Callum Williams
Eleanor Wills
Tony Wong
Julian Wong
Max Young
Sam Yousif
James Yiu

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