Over 500 A* and A grades

A-Level results 2016


Some of the best A-level results in England

With 517 grades at A* or A, Brighton College pupils are celebrating another stellar year of A-level results. This is the second best set of results in the College's history, only marginally behind last year when Brighton was placed top in England in The Sunday Times' A-level table. Remarkably, 110 sixth formers secured A* and A grades in every subject.

  • A*-A 79.9%
  • A*-B 97.1%
  • A*-C 99.7%
  • 28 pupils got at least A*A*A* (15 achieved 4 A*s)

Head Master Richard Cairns expressed his delight this morning:

"As ever, this reflects brilliantly on the commitment and hard work of our pupils, the inspirational teaching of our Common Room and the huge efforts made by all members of staff in helping to support those individuals who, in other schools, might have fallen by the wayside.

"We judge our success not just by how we help the most able, but by how we lift up and enthuse those for whom academic work is more demanding. What gives me greater pleasure than all the A* grades is to see a pupil with three B grades celebrating an achievement he or she never thought possible. That is really what a Brighton College education is all about."

A-level results 2016 group

Huge congratulations to all of our Upper Sixth leavers on their results. Below are the pupils at the College who achieved three or more A and A* grades.

   University destination
Sasha A*, A*, A*, A*, A Oxford
Shiza A*, A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge
Nikki A*, A*, A*, A*, A University of Hong Kong
Kerem A*, A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge
Naomi A*, A*, A*, A*, A Chinese University of Hong Kong
Danylo A*, A*, A*, A*, A LSE
Katerina A*, A*, A*, A*, A LSE
Omar A*, A*, A*, A*, A Oxford
Francis A*, A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge
Mavis A*, A*, A*, A* Cambridge
Oliver A*, A*, A*, A* Cambridge
David A*, A*, A*, A* Cambridge
Ethan A*, A*, A*, A* Cambridge
Konstantin A*, A*, A*, A* Imperial
Kirin A*, A*, A*, A* Imperial
Ivan A*, A*, A*, A, A Oxford
Michelle A*, A*, A*, A, A Oxford
Maria A*, A*, A*, A, A Gap year
Fronia A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge
Max A*, A*, A*, A Cambridge
Peran A*, A*, A*, A LSE
Jack A*, A*, A*, A Imperial
Thomas A*, A*, A* Imperial
Aditya A*, A*, A* Oxford
Fred A*, A*, A* Oxford
Alexander A*, A*, A* UCL
Joseph A*, A*, A* Gap year
Beatrix A*, A*, A* Oxford
Boris A*, A*, A, A, A Cambridge
Euan A*, A*, A, A Bath
Mo'aiyed A*, A*, A, A Imperial
Katie A*, A*, A, A Bristol
Rachel A*, A*, A, A Oxford
Amy A*, A*, A Cambridge
Anna A*, A*, A Gap year
William A*, A*, A Bath 
Herman A*, A*, A Gap year
Millie A*, A*, A Gap year
Finlay A*, A*, A Durham
John A*, A*, A Oxford
Gregor A*, A*, A Cardiff
Rufus A*, A*, A Cambridge
Milan A*, A*, A LSE
Eve A*, A*, A Durham
Isaac A*, A*, A LSE
Kieran A*, A*, A Edinburgh
Daniel A*, A*, A LSE
Alicia A*, A*, A Bristol
Rita A*, A, A, A, A LSE
Christy A*, A, A, A, A LSE
Ray A*, A, A, A, A Exeter
Justin A*, A, A, A, A Imperial
Omar A*, A, A, A Warwick
Rua A*, A, A, A  
Sophia A*, A, A, A Durham
George A*, A, A, A Durham
Yuk Chi A*, A, A, A Warwick
Ariel A*, A, A, A LSE
Brian A*, A, A, A Imperial
Amelia A*, A, A Exeter
Dominic A*, A* A Durham
Anna A*, A, A Gap year
Matthew A*, A, A York
Jemima A*, A, A Bristol
Atalanta A*, A, A Edinburgh
Noah A*, A, A KCL
William A*, A, A Bristol
Emily A*, A, A Edinburgh
Martha A*, A, A Leeds
Shaheen A*, A, A Leeds
Caitlin A*, A, A Warwick
Dominic A*, A, A Gap year
Sophie A*, A, A Leeds
Patrick A*, A, A Leeds
Siena A*, A, A UCL
Marina A*, A, A St George's, London 
Lilya A*, A, A Oxford
Celine A, A, A, A, A UCL 
Barry A, A, A, A UCL
Emma A, A, A Bristol
Holly A, A, A Edinburgh
Barney A, A, A Durham
Ellie A, A, A Leeds
Madeleine A, A, A Southampton
Liam A, A, A Cardiff
Henry A, A, A Leeds
Henry A, A, A Gap year
Marcus A, A, A UCL
Jack A, A, A Exeter
Andrew A, A, A Edinburgh
William A, A, A Leeds
Samuel A, A, A Imperial
Bel A, A, A Edinburgh
William A, A, A Bristol
Alice A, A, A Oxford
Florence A, A, A Oxford
Freddie A, A, A Exeter
Jessica A, A, A LSE
Noa A, A, A Edinburgh
Sam A, A, A Reading
Michael A, A, A Hull York Medical School
Edward A, A, A Edinburgh
Dominic A, A, A Leeds


Some Upper Sixth leavers have elected to take gap years, and will apply to university in the 2016-17 academic year.



Deputy Head of School Shiza is heading to Selwyn College, Cambridge to study Natural Sciences. She achieved an astonishing four A*s in chemistry, maths, further maths and physics, and an A in biology. Shiza will join her older brother (and Old Brightonian) Osaid at Cambridge. Last year, Shiza wrote an article for The Telegraph about her passion for science: http://bit.ly/shizascience



Ethan has had a very busy Upper Sixth year: in between studying for four A-levels, he found time to rehearse and perform with the National Youth Dance Company, recently starring in In-Nocentes at Sadler's Wells. Ethan was delighted to receive four A*s in DT, maths, further maths and physics, and will study engineering at Cambridge.

Multiple reasons to celebrate

A set of triplets received a stunning four A*s and seven As between them in their A-levels. Rachel will now read English Language and Literature at Oxford, while sister Katie heads west to Bristol to study medicine. Bel is looking forward to reading Chinese and Spanish at Edinburgh University. All three girls have been at Brighton College since the age of 11. They all elected to study Mandarin Chinese in the sixth form, having started learning the language when they joined Brighton.

Meanwhile, there was double joy for some talented sets of twins. Alice and Florence achieved identical results (3 As) in identical subjects (English, History and Government and Politics), and are both off to Oxford to study English Language and Literature. Identical twins George and Max will also study the same subject at university, engineering. Max (3 A*s, 1 A) will take up his place at Cambridge, while George (1 A*, 3 As) heads to Durham.

Twins and Triplets

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