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13+ Admissions procedure - UK schools

Please note: We are now closed for 2019 and 2020 13+ entry.

(We may be able to consider an application via the 'Head Master's List'. Please contact the Admissions department for more details).

2020 entry - Please contact the admissions department for more details regarding the Head Master's List.

2021 entry - Please contact the admissions department for more information on applying.

Please note: For all 13+ applications, where a pupil attends a school overseas, please see our separate section "The College Overseas Applications".

Offers for 13+ entry to Brighton College are made after a pre-test assessment, and they are conditional on a successful performance in the Common Entrance (CE) or academic scholarship examination in Year 8. Please see the timeline below for the full admissions process. Modified arrangements exist for pupils who attend a school that does not prepare pupils for Common Entrance and details can be obtained from the Admissions Office.


Families are encouraged to register as soon as possible and by 10th December of Year 6. Please contact the Admissions Department to obtain a registration form.

Pre-Test Assessment

All registered candidates are asked to undertake a pre-test for Brighton College. This is a two-stage process.

1. Candidates sit the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) Common Pre-Test at their current school. This is a computer-based test in English, Mathematics and Reasoning (both verbal and non-verbal). Further information can be found on-line at Prep schools will have their own arrangements for the administration of this test and candidates are encouraged to sit the test between 1st October and 1st February of Year 6. It is important to note that the test is age standardised and candidates are therefore at no disadvantage if they sit it earlier, rather than later. If the candidate attends a school that does not administer the ISEB test, then arrangements can be made for them to sit the test at Brighton College; the Admissions Department will be happy to assist with this.

During the January of Year 6, we will contact the candidate's current school for a confidential reference from the Head and a copy of their most recent school report.

2. Candidates who perform to a satisfactory standard in the test, and for whom we have received a satisfactory reference and report, will be invited to Brighton College for an 'Orientation Day' in March of Year 6. For 2021 candidates, the date is Friday 15th March 2019. As part of the day, they will have two short tests in English and Maths, which will help to inform two short interviews, which will also cover co-curricular interests. The organisation of the day, however, will allow candidates to have some 'taster lessons' and other group activities.

Making Offers

Conditional offers are made to candidates in the Summer Term of Year 6. In the process of making offers, Brighton College will carefully consider the reports from the candidate's current school, the candidate's performance in the pre-test and interview, and the candidate's co-curricular interests (and hence their potential to enjoy to the full the opportunities that Brighton College has to offer). Further to receipt of an offer, we will invite parents to reserve a place for their child with a non-refundable deposit payable by the first week of January of Year 7.


Scholarships are sat separately to the pre-tests and if you have been offered a conditional place and paid the deposit, we will send scholarship information out in the October of Year 8. It is advisable to speak with the Head of your child's current school to ascertain what scholarships would be suitable. You can then contact us to request an application form. We hold various scholarship days from January to May of Year 8. Please see the pdf below for more details. Please do note that this pdf is specific to 2018 entry, so dates may change.

Final Entry

Offers are conditional on a pass in the Common Entrance exam, sat at the beginning of June of Year 8, or on a pass in the Academic Scholarship papers, sat at Brighton College at the beginning of May of Year 8. In order to pass the Common Entrance exam, candidates must secure an average mark of 60%, with at least 55% in both English and Mathematics.

It is hoped that, as a result of the process by which conditional offers are made, all candidates sitting CE for entry to Brighton College will have their place confirmed, subject to a positive reference from the pupil's current school.

Any questions regarding the process outlined above can be directed to the Admissions Office at Brighton College. The 13+ Admissions Co-ordinator Mrs Joanna Miller can be contacted on or, by phone, on 01273 704357.