A Part of Society

Brighton College A Part of Society

A great attraction of being a pupil at Brighton College is being able to take advantage of all the city has to offer. This does not only mean the local amenities such as beach volleyball, restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys and shopping! We feel it is very important for our pupils to leave us with the skills and confidence to make a difference to the society they will be part of and, indeed, responsible for. This can happen best if the pupils are themselves made aware of the various social factors that affect people's lives in the community. It is important for pupils on their way to a coffee shop to pass a seller of the Big Issue and find out why he's selling it; the pupils need to visit local primary schools in some of the poorest parts of southern England; they want to help the local community with a variety of projects such as street cleaning, singing to elderly residents and helping out at, for example, St Dunstan's - a charity that provides support and rehabilitation for blind ex-service men and women.

Our links with the local community are very important to us, and an ever-increasing number of pupils regularly leave the college campus to volunteer with a local charity or organisation, using their talents and energy to encourage and serve both young and old in the Brighton area.

In short, we feel it is vital that Brighton College pupils be a part of society rather than apart from society.