BC celebrates double success, topping England table for GCSEs and A-levels

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January Blues? Not here! The Brighton College community is celebrating an amazing double victory this week. We're thrilled to announce that the Department for Education has named us: 

  • The highest performing independent school in England at GCSE
  • One of only five schools in England with an average A-Level score higher than a grade A.

At GCSE level, the new Attainment 8 score measures pupils' average grades across a set suite of eight subjects. Once calculated, this is compared to the average score of all pupils. We're proud to say that Brighton College places well ahead of other independent schools in England, with an outstanding score of 80.2.

GCSE Results (Source: Department for Education)
  Independent Schools Attainment 8 Score
1 Brighton College 80.2
2 Twycross House School 75.2
3 Nottingham Girls' High School 73.3
4 Manchester High School for Girls 73.2
5 The Swaminarayan School 72.1
6 Farnborough Hill 71.3
7 Wakefield Girls' High School 70.6
8 St Francis College 70.2
9 Islamia School for Girls 70.1
10 St Margaret's School 69.8


At A-level, the government gives 'performance points' and a grade to schools for the average of all of their A-level exam results. Brighton is one of only five schools in the country (state and independent) to secure an 'A+' result from the government.

A-Level Results (Source: Department for Education)
  School Gender Point Score Result
1 St Paul's Girls' School GIRLS 53.99 A+
2 King's College London Maths School MIXED 53.35 A+
3 St Paul's School BOYS 52.48 A+
4 Magdalen College School MIXED 52.25 A+
5 Brighton College MIXED 52.09 A+
6 Wycombe Abbey School GIRLS 51.64 A
7 The Perse School MIXED 51.62 A
8 City of London School for Girls GIRLS 51.53 A
9 Westminster School MIXED 51.49 A
10 King's College School, Wimbledon MIXED 51.34 A


The Head Master, Mr Cairns, links these results to the College's unique culture of kindness and individuality, as well as its outstanding teaching staff:

"We put so much focus on ensuring that pupils are happy in their own skins and there is an obvious link between cheerful, positive youngsters and high achievement. We also have a cadre of truly outstanding inspirational teachers. We never lose sight of the fact that a school is only ever as good as its teachers."


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