Pastoral Life

Brighton College Pastoral Life

At Brighton College we take considerable care in maintaining a supportive and accepting community that celebrates differences between people and that affirms a sense of belonging for all. The last ISI inspection rated our provision of pastoral care as being "excellent" - the top grade possible - and the last Ofsted inspection awarded our welfare for boarders as being "outstanding."

There are a number of different layers to our pastoral provision and this area of the website will help give you a sense of how they each contribute to the pastoral life of the school.

The House system in the College

We are very proud of the pastoral care given to all pupils at Brighton College, and this hinges on the excellent working relationships established between staff and pupils. At the heart of this pastoral provision are the Houses, and the tutor team in each House is integral to each pupil feeling supported, encouraged and known as an individual.

The pupils are organised into thirteen Houses, which are at the heart of the school. There are eight day Houses (five boys' and three girls') and five boarding Houses (three boys' and two girls'). Each has its own building and facilities, identity and ethos - but with a common framework for the pastoral support of the pupils. Each is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress (HMM) with a team of tutors who have responsibility for a particular year group. Older pupils are routinely given specific roles and opportunities to lead, either as a peer mentor, prefect or through organising teams for one of the many House competitions. There are a large number of social events within each House, such as House suppers, trips and a variety of entertainment, which foster a strong sense of fun and belonging.

The Houses are small communities within the larger school community, and are places where each individual can know others (in every year group) and be known. Alongside the tutors and HMM, buddies for new pupils, peer mentors and prefects all play vital roles in ensuring that every pupil is looked after in the House and that the Houses remain open, accepting and outward-looking. We hope that each pupil not only receives support, but also an encouraging nudge to stretch him/herself beyond their comfort zone, to try new things and to aim high in all that they do.

Make a difference - now!

The Houses play a very significant role in the charitable and voluntary work of the school, with well over £30,000 being raised by the Houses during an academic year to support many local charities and causes with whom the House staff and pupils have established strong links. It is a central part of our expectations of all pupils that they will gain a strong awareness of the needs of others, through helping, volunteering and serving, and - crucially - that they will also gain a firm belief that they need not wait until they are older before being able to make a difference to the society and the world around them.