Sports Scholarships

13 + & 16 + Sport Scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate suitable athletic ability, potential, determination and enthusiasm. Preference will be given to those involved in the College's major games - rugby and cricket for boys; hockey, netball and cricket for the girls.

The following is expected of those pupils awarded a Sport Scholarship:

  • Commitment to the college during all three terms. This includes a requirement. that after finishing public examinations, they must continue to train and play during periods of study leave.
  • Lead by example by being ambassadors for the College to guests, rivals and peers.
  • Contribute fully to the sporting and general life of the College.
  • Respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills, whether by example or captaincy.
  • Conduct in competition and in training must be of the highest order.

Candidates must also produce a good academic performance in the relevant entrance examinations.

Clare Connor Cricket Scholarship

For those girl cricketers who are interested in taking their cricket to the highest level the College offers the Clare Connor Scholarship. Recent recipients of this award have been Laura Marsh, Sarah Taylor and Holly Colvin, all of whom have gone on to play for England.

Daley Thompson Rugby Scholarship

Available at 13+, this unique scholarship is available to boys who demonstrate exceptional rugby potential. Prep schools are requested to nominate outstanding candidates.