The Arts

Brighton College The Arts

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art." Leonardo da Vinci.

 The pursuit of the Arts at Brighton College is considered as an activity worthy of great dedication in its own right, but also as a vitally important vehicle to nurture the creativity, passion and individuality of each child at the school. Artistic endeavour encourages our pupil body to be curious, courageous and original and in doing so enlivens and complements the academic life of the school in a very special way.

Each Arts Department has its own particular emphasis and philosophy but all work closely together, being committed to the pursuit of excellence as well as provision for all. This is shown by the combination of large and small events that are sprinkled through the College Calendar. The bigger events, real landmarks in the school year, are the November Musical, the Christmas Carol Service, Autumn Concert, and the Summer Dance Show. Through the year, there are also such events as tea time music recitals, dance assemblies, art exhibitions and presentations, informal evenings of plays directed by pupils and more. All aim to provide opportunities for pupils to grow as artists.

Pupils of the Arts at Brighton College will be able to work with professional artists, composers, musicians, actors, directors, choreographers and dancers and through this they will gain a view of artistic development in the wider world and the heights to be attained.