Brighton College Music

"Music at Brighton College is exceptional" - Tatler

Music has always been considered to be an essential part of a rounded education; even in the earliest years at Oxford University, Music was one of the seven liberal arts studied by all undergraduates. Music is all around us all of the time, and an ability to engage with it either as a performer or listener is crucial if we are to be any more than a passive observer. 

In Brighton College Music Department we believe in providing musical opportunities for everyone; opportunities which can stretch the most gifted instrumentalists and singers, but also those which offer the enthusiast a chance to be involved in music-making where the emphasis is on taking part in an enjoyable, corporate activity.

Music at Brighton College is not an ivory tower activity for a gifted elite. The Music Department can promise a huge breadth of activity which ensures that there are opportunities to suit all musicians be they complete beginners on the guitar or members of the National Youth Orchestra, or National Youth Music Theatre. The extra-curricular programme encompasses all styles of music and provides opportunities for musicians at every level to become involved.

Brighton's New Music School

In the winter of 2015 Brighton's new Music School opened its doors, welcoming a new era of music to Brighton and offering more opportunities than ever before for pupils to become involved in the musical life of the school.

Designed by the award-winning Eric Parry Architects and nestled in the heart of the campus, the new Music School provides pupils with some of the very best musical facilities in the country and offers a fitting stage for them to showcase their musical talents.

The jewel of the building is the 195-seat Sarah Abraham Recital Hall with dramatic double-height ceiling. Home to a stunning new nine foot Fazioli concert grand piano, the Recital Hall has been designed to offer superior acoustic quality, with variable panels allowing the levels of reverberation within the room to be adjusted. The new school also offers flexible practice and teaching rooms each with a piano; a percussion and rock room; a recording suite with state-of-the-art technology; a music library and instrument storage. Every element of the space has been designed to enhance the pupils' musical experience and to inspire them for years to come.