Academic Results

"Brighton College is the leading co-educational school in England"
The Sunday Times 2013.

Academic results are consistently the best in Sussex and among the best in England.

Over the last five years, Brighton has consistently achieved results that place the school in the top 1% of schools in England. It is primarily for this reason that the school has been the recipient of so many awards:

  • Sunday Times School of the Year 2011-12
  • Tatler Headmaster of the Year 2012-13
  • UK Independent School of the Year 2013-14.

Brighton is the only school in Sussex to make it into the Sunday Times' UK Top 100 schools and also outperforms many much more selective schools. This large improvement from entry at Year 7 or Year 9 to the final public exams is reflected in some of the best value-added scores in the country.

All of this is down to the school's recruitment and retention of truly outstanding teachers who inspire children here to achieve more than anyone thought possible.

Do please click on the links on the left to see a full breakdown of the GCSE and A-Level results by subject. Below you can find a brief summary of the key percentages showing the improvement over the last eight years.

  GCSE A Level A Level
Year (%A*/A) (%A*/A) (%A*-B)
2006 64.4 49.0 78.0
2007 64.4 60.3 88.1
2008 69.8 70.7 94.2
2009 76.5 70.6 95.3
2010 83.0 72.8 94.5
2011 91.1 77.8 95.8
2012 91.0 77.8 96.8
2013 95.6 74.4 96.3
2014 91.1 75.7 94.0
2015 93.2 85.3 99.0


All Brighton College pupils are entered for examinations under the College's centre number; no pupils are entered as private candidates or under a different centre number.