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Our children know there is a whole world beyond the classroom. We encourage them to remember they are a part of the world - not apart from it.

With this in mind, lessons finish from 3.15pm so that the boys and girls can pursue their interests in the many co-curricular activities available.

We're also committed to teaching them about their community beyond school. Through charity initiatives, the school council and pupil-led fundraising, we ensure our children learn to make a meaningful difference.


Online learning resources

Visit our regularly-updated page for informative sites that can help your children from Nursery to Year 8 with their remote learning.

Online learning resources

Pupils exhibit high levels of social development through their excellent awareness of the world beyond the school.”



Clubs and activities

Top up your tennis skills with a qualified instructor, curl up with your favourite Roald Dahl book or knit yourself a bobble hat. How will you spend your time after school?

Clubs and Activities

I've learnt to knit and play chess in club time.”

— Joe, Year 4


A part of society

Our children are encouraged to make a difference to society. They look out beyond the classroom into their community and beyond.

A Part of Society

Our pupils supported an appeal for blankets to help homeless people keep warm.”

— Mr Melia, Deputy Head Pastoral


Trips and experiences

From Reception to Year 8, our children experience opportunities to learn outside of school. They bring their hands-on experiences back into the classroom, enhancing our curriculum.

Pre-Prep & Prep News

Going to Hildleap Warren taught me how to work in a team, even when it was difficult.”

— Kathleen, Year 8