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Prep School life

Pre-Prep & Prep co-ed pupils in quad

The girls and boys in our school love to learn and socialise, and our inspiring, innovative teachers foster in them a lifelong love of learning. We provide opportunities for every child to excel, both in academic subjects and co-curricular activities. Our stimulating co-educational environment develops pupils to be enthusiastic, energetic and kind; contagious qualities which enable a vibrant and warm atmosphere. 

A decade of difference

The journey your child will take from when they arrive in our Nursery to when they reach Year 8 will be remarkable. Our 13 year olds are confident, resilient, academically curious and - most importantly - kind. From the age of three each of our pupils will have experienced a real decade of difference.

A Review of the Prep School

Our aims

To enthuse children with the confidence and desire to reach their own learning potential.

To deliver an innovative, challenging and broad curriculum which encourages curiosity and enquiry about the changing world.

To promote an appreciation of spiritual development whilst acquiring an awareness and understanding of different faiths and cultures.

To encourage pupils to live with integrity in a safe environment whilst gaining an understanding of fundamental British values.

To provide opportunities for children to build and maintain positive relationships and develop the necessary skills to contribute in a meaningful way to their local and globalised communities.

To impart an enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom, in particular sport, music and the performing arts.

To work in partnership with parents for the good of the child.

To respect and value the diversity in others regardless of gender, ethnic and social background.