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We never forget that there is a whole world beyond the classroom. We encourage pupils to remember that we are a part of the world - not apart from it.

With this in mind, lessons finish an hour before buses depart each day so that pupils can pursue their interests in the 100+ co-curricular activities at the College. Many of these are run by the pupils themselves.

We're also committed to making sure a connection to community is central to College life. Through a programme of service, volunteering, entrepreneurship and school-related international trips we enrich the lives of pupils in ways that make a meaningful difference.

Our social responsibility report

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We believe that everyone can be an activist, and we encourage all of our pupils and staff to get involved in community initiatives and support causes close to their hearts. We've made activism a part of the curriculum, and are proud to partner with many local organisations and charities.

Our social responsibility report highlights some of our work to improve social inclusioneducation equality and environmental activism.

Our climate action pledge

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The COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference has reinforced the importance of environmental activism - and our pupils lead the charge in the fight against climate change. 

We are committed to playing our part. Read more about the steps we have taken so far, our carbon reduction plan and our climate action pledge for the next ten years here

Pupils have highly developed social consciences, turning their awareness of social issues into positive action.”

— Independent Schools Inspectorate 2021

Inspection reports

Clubs and activities

Find a club for you from one of our many options.

Clubs & Activities

A part of society

Find out how our pupils make a difference to society.

A Part of Society
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Online learning resources

Visit our regularly-updated page for informative sites that can help with online learning.

Online learning resources

Whether our pupils are supporting local Syrian refugees, taking part in Brighton beach cleans or spending time with older people in sheltered housing near the College, they are a potent, positive force and make a significant difference to our community every year.”

— Rachel Hughes (Assistant Head: Outreach and Partnerships)

Service and partnerships


Every Wednesday afternoon pupils have the opportunity to develop their leadership and community skills through our service and partnerships programme. This ranges from working in the local community, to learning navigation and survival skills with the CCF, to undertaking sports leadership courses, and participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

Social entrepreneurship


Our innovative entrepreneurship programmes in the Fourth Form and Sixth Form enable pupils to develop creative and commercial ideas and products. In the Fourth Form, pupils develop business plans to generate money for a charity of their choice. In the Sixth Form, £10,000 is awarded to winning teams to help them bring their entrepreneurial ideas to market. 

Trips and experiences


We offer a range of trips to pupils - to enrich the curriculum as well as to assist with charity projects worldwide. We believe in enabling our pupils to explore multiple contexts and cultures, and so we undertake regular academic, social and sporting trips. This has destinations such as Ghana, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Dubai and Sri Lanka.