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Excellent all round


The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) gave the College, the Prep School and the Nursery & Pre-Prep a perfect score in every single category in its last full ISI Inspection, which took place in May 2015.

We’re also exceptionally proud that they went further and also awarded us the rare 'Exceptional' accolade for Achievements and Learning, making Brighton College one of only a handful of schools in the UK to be awarded this grade.


I am obviously delighted for the pupils, teachers and support staff who work so hard to ensure that this school is the special place we believe it to be. This is first and foremost their achievement. Inspector after inspector commented on how delightfully positive the boys and girls here are, and how warm are the relations between teachers and pupils. I hope you enjoy reading the reports.”

— Richard Cairns (Head Master)

The full report is available to download below, but here’s a summary:

Inspectors assess schools in nine key areas and grade them as 'excellent' (the equivalent of the state sector's 'outstanding'), 'good', 'sound' or 'unsatisfactory'. Inspectors can also grant a rare 'Exceptional' accolade for the Achievements and Learning category. This grade is not available for the Prep & Pre-Prep (they achieved 'excellent').

In all nine areas Brighton College achieved excellent. This is an outstanding inspection report, with the highest grades possible awarded across the College, Prep, and Pre-Prep.

Full inspection overview

College 2015 Inspection

College 2015 full ISI Inspection report

Brighton College Full ISI Inspection Report

Prep School 2015 Inspection

Prep School 2015 full ISI Inspection report

BCPS Full ISI Inspection Report

Pre-Prep 2015 Inspection

Nursery & Pre-Prep School 2015 full ISI Inspection report

BCNPPS Full ISI Inspection Report

Fully compliant!

The Independent Schools Inspectorate found the College, Prep School and Nursery & Pre-Prep to be fully compliant and meeting all required standards when they visited in February 2018 to undertake a Regulatory Compliance Inspection.

Unlike an Educational Quality Inspection where schools are graded (Excellent, Good etc.), standards in a Regulatory Compliance Inspection are either met or not met in eight assessed areas. Results are either a Pass or a Fail. Brighton College, the Prep School and the Nursery & Pre-Prep each passed in every category.

College 2018 Inspection

College 2018 Compliance Inspection report.

Brighton College ISI Compliance Inspection Report

Prep School 2018 Inspection

Prep School 2018 Compliance Inspection report

BCPS ISI Compliance Inspection Report

Pre-Prep 2018 Inspection

Nursery & Pre-Prep School 2018 Compliance Inspection report

BCNPPS ISI Compliance Inspection Report