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We do not shy away from making bold decisions for the right reasons. Thanks to our innovative ideas and practices, and our unashamed approach of prioritising pupil welfare, Brighton College regularly makes national - and international - headlines.

Similarly, when results are published each summer, the fantastic achievements of our pupils attract the attention of the press. We are always pleased to celebrate their well-deserved successes.

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One of the hottest tickets in independent education.”

— The Sunday Times, November 2020

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With first-rate teaching and a sense of social responsibility, Brighton College is forging a new path.”

— The Sunday Times, November 2018

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Brighton College gives 13 and 14-year-olds alarm clocks at 9pm each day in exchange for their mobile phones.”

— The Times, October 2018

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As part of a new pupil-inspired strategy, Brighton College has kicked off a bid to be more environmentally mindful with a ban on single-use plastics on site.”

— The Times, May 2018

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Pupils’ creativity and entrepreneurialism is actively encouraged at the school and a group of fourth formers displayed both to great effect with their award-winning invention, the Avogo.”

— The Telegraph, March 2018

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It’s hard to believe rugby sensation Marcus Smith only left Brighton College in summer 2017. He’s since taken the sporting world by storm.”

— The Argus, May 2018

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Everyone knows how important a good lunch is! The College persuaded Brighton’s celebrated restaurateur Ben McKellar to brighten up our menus. And what a hit it was with the pupils!”

— The Argus, March 2018

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A ban on mobile phones and the introduction of dozens of board games has transformed life in the school’s houses.”

— The Telegraph, August 2017

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It can be hard for young people to tell fake news from the truth in this multi-platform era so our deputy headmistress Leah Hamblett is drawing up a bespoke course to help them navigate current affairs.”

— The Argus, December 2017

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