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Our drama teaching fosters talent, innovation and personal confidence in our pupils. Taught within the curriculum from Year 4, and enhanced by LAMDA lessons from Year 5, pupils develop strong communication and performance skills.

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The outstanding performances from such young children never cease to amaze me.”

— Mr Brasted, Head of Drama

When we get our costumes fitted and rehearse with no scripts, it begins to feel very exciting.”

— Evie, Year 8

Being in the chorus of the musical is brilliant because you get to sing and dance in so many numbers.”

— Emily, year 6

Now I do LAMDA lessons I feel confident speaking to people I don’t know.”

— Joe, Year 7

School performances

All our children take part in performances throughout the year. Through class assemblies at the Nursery & Pre-Prep and participation in productions at the Prep, children are given opportunities to build their confidence and enjoy being in front of an audience. 


Drama news

Lights, camera, action! Audiences enjoy the wide variety of recitals, shows and performances given by our children.

Drama News (Prep)