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Music teaching and performance takes place throughout the school week. From specialist music teaching in our Nursery to individual instrumental lessons, music is an integral part of school life. Participation in music ensembles is encouraged, with regular opportunities to rehearse and perform in the Sarah Abraham Recital Hall at the College.

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Music is as important to me as maths - it helps me to learn in academic subjects.”

— Torin, Year 5

Our music teachers provide a fantastic musical foundation for younger learners.”

— Ms Hextall, Head of Music

Performing at Open Mornings is great as everyone claps really loudly.”

— Aaron, Year 4

I love having cello lessons with my friends.”

— Mitsuki, Year 3

In orchestra we all enjoy learning to play together.”

— David, Year 7

The Family Concert is one of the highlights of the year.”

— Year 5 parent

Musical talent

We have 35 visiting music teachers who instruct the children in a range of instruments. Half of our pupils have individual music lessons, which compliment our music curriculum. They perform in ensembles, bands and choirs throughout the academic year.

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Performance news

Our musicians have many opportunities to perform at the school and external musical events.

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