Prep School (8+ to 10+)

Prep School Admissions Timeline

Stage One: Enquiry

An enquiry to us is the first stage of the admission process. Please do call us with any questions you may have; we would be delighted to assist. Following your call or email, we will take note of your contact details, send you a prospectus and invite you to Open Mornings and any other relevant taster events.

You might also like to arrange an individual visit, to tour the prep school and to meet the Head. We are always pleased to arrange this for you, and, if you wish, to combine it with a visit to the College.

Stage Two: Registering

Registering your child is the second stage in the admission process. If you have been to see us and would like your child to be considered for a place, do complete the registration form and return it to us with the registration fee. Once your child is registered, they are entered on our books as having officially expressed an interest in joining the school, and will be invited to attend assessment as the next step in the application process.

For candidates who are dyslexic we ask to see a copy of an Educational Psychologist's report, prior to registration, dated within the last twelve months; this is so that our experts can advise you whether they feel Brighton would be the right choice for your child, and whether moving to registration would be appropriate.

For candidates currently residing overseas, we will usually ask to see a copy of a current school report prior to registration, so that we can assist you in determining whether Brighton is the right choice for your child. Thereafter, the next step would be to complete our overseas registration form and to return it together with the overseas registration fee.

Stage Three: Assessments

Our main entry assessments take place in the January of the proposed year of entry. All registered pupils will be invited to join us for a morning and will sit assessments in Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. We naturally do all that we can to make the entry assessments as friendly and as good-natured as possible! Other assessment dates may be offered throughout the year, and at short notice if necessary; do please contact us for details and to discuss availability.

For overseas candidates, arrangements can usually be made for assessments to be taken in the country of residence. Please contact us for further details.

Stage Four: Admission

Pupils are offered places on the basis of their performance in the entry assessments, subject to satisfactory references from their current school.

In all cases, a place is confirmed by signing and returning an original copy of the acceptance form, along with payment of the relevant acceptance deposit. Joining papers and welcome packs are then sent out over the summer term.

For further information regarding admission to Brighton College Prep School, please call 01273 704343.