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Our children in Years 1 to 5 are taught by passionate, highly qualified primary teaching professionals. They learn traditional academic subjects; English language, English literature, maths, history, geography, science, religious studies and PSHE, as well as benefiting from specialist lessons in music, Mandarin, French, art, PE, games and swimming. From Year 4 upwards this expands to include curriculum lessons in drama, design & technology and home economics.

Voices Carousel

I have loved learning to use the equipment in DT.”

— Dominic, Year 4

Staff and parents frequently describe the school's leadership as inspirational.”

— Independent Schools Inspectorate

The trips we go on each year are brilliant.”

— Alice, Year 5

Our curriculum allows each individual to make excellent progress.”

— Miss Stuttard, Year 2 Teacher

Pupils are happy and confident in our environment.”

— Mrs Childs, Head

The overall quality of the pupils' achievements is excellent.”

— Independent Schools Inspectorate

Beyond the classroom

During Years 1 to 5 our children learn much more than the curriculum. Their lessons are enriched with trips, workshops and visits to inspire and encourage their engagement with the wider world. 

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Academic variety

Our location is the perfect setting for our Beach School curriculum. It uses the natural environment on our doorstep to give children meaningful experiences.

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