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At Brighton College we nurture talent and foster communication skills. Drama is a highly valued subject that builds personal confidence and empowers pupils to explore their creativity in other aspects of school life.

Our teachers bring an abundance of passion, enthusing pupils not only in the classroom but also far beyond. Our creative departments work closely together, delivering a programme of productions from ensemble pieces in the intimate space of our Montague Studio through to principal productions in the Theatre Royal and Brighton Dome. 


I love seeing those moments of epiphany, when a pupil realises something for the first time - pure magic.”

— Lara Jakes (Head of Academic Drama)

Drama in numbers

We stage four major performances per year at Brighton College, open to all pupils. For those who do not want to take centre stage, we offer involvement in 35 production roles - including stage manager, costume designer, sound technician, special FX operator and props designer.

4 Major performances per year

200 pupils involved in our production of Legally Blonde

15+ theatre trips per year


Brighton College premiered its very first Fringe production this week, which not only exceeded my expectations but smashed them to smitereens.”

— G-Scene

A buzzing cultural scene


We're well placed to soak up the atmosphere of one of Britain's most creative cities. Pupils regularly take part in the National Theatre's New Views play-writing competition, the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, Glyndebourne and our annual Arts Award. Pupils have also performed at the Brighton Dome, National Theatre and in the West End.

In addition to GCSE and A-level academic courses, we also offer LAMDA lessons (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) meaning that any pupil can participate in drama even if they are not pursuing it as an academic option.



Creative spaces

We know how important it is to have the space to express yourself so we are very lucky to have an abundance of performance spaces for pupils to use. These include our specially designed A-level student workroom. 

Taking part in a drama production at Brighton College is a rite of passage – whether you are delivering a monologue, working the lights, prepping the costumes or doing the makeup. It’s more than just a show: it’s another way the school brings pupils together as a team, to nurture collaboration and community.